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Tired of laggy iTunes & winamp isn't robust enough for your collection?

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  • Tired of laggy iTunes & winamp isn't robust enough for your collection?

    Someone told me to try out Media Monkey and the program is absolutely THE best media library / player I have ever used! Not trying to spam nothing here, my music collection is up over 15,000 songs and iTunes would choke and lag big time trying to open the full library, but when using Winamp it's search features and sorting just wasn't cutting it for me. A friend suggested I try out Media Monkey (I just have the free version) and I am so happy he did... think of all the iTunes functionality & GUI mixed with a robust player & no system lag! Finally.....
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    I don't have a HUGE collection, so I'm completely fine with Winamp....
    However, I have heard of good comments about MediaMonkey...
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      i tried it a few years ago, but the functions i wanted couldnt be used in the free version & the features it had weren't much better than win amp, but i havent had issues with itunes as i just use iTunes DJ and currently have just over 19,000 songs, media player & media center on the other hand just freeze
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        foobar2000 master race here.


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          Originally posted by mutton_wizard View Post
          foobar2000 master race here.
          ^^^^^Great program
          It is simple, straightforward and just works.
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            iPhone, iPod Classic and an iPad in the house plus a Mac computer means there really isn't much else I can use.
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              I use Zune, bit less user friendly than iTunes but much better overall.
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