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Res Design Photo-shoot: 4g9x hybrid lancer CE

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  • Res Design Photo-shoot: 4g9x hybrid lancer CE

    Hey guys, just wanted to share the photo shoot we did a few days ago,
    was an awesome car to work with and we are looking at doing a few more shoots for it in the future.

    hope you enjoi*
    Res Design Team~

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    1st picture is sublime....nice work
    skyZZo's Art <---- My drawings and stuff


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      I think you've done well too!

      A few constructive criticisms if I may:

      (I nitpick, it's what I do. Please don't take this the wrong way or be offended).
      -Dust spots (#2). Bane of digital photography. A quick clone will have that image spick and span!
      -Distractions. Watch out for annoying reflections (power lines on bonnet #3) and static objects that appear to 'grow' out of your car (hydrant #10). Also be mindful of cluttered backgrounds as they can often detract from the main focal point (the car!).
      -Crop is a little tight on #6

      What I like:
      I think my favourite image is #4 - it's a nice composition, the car looks great and I think it stands out the most against its back ground. It's a strong image for me.
      Great tones to - you've done well in post production!
      I too really like the first image. Car enthusiasts are generally pretty darn proud of their cars and it's often a great idea to capture all the small details that represent hours/days/years of work. BBS red center cap, painted calipers, clear indicators, black bonnet protector, blacked headlights + fog light surrounds. These are all the little details that make this Lancer unique - details that can be easily lost in the 'overall view' of the car.

      All in all, an excellent job and I really look forward to seeing what you come up with for your next shoot!


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        a quick suprise shoot of this beast, didnt have my camera on me, but made do for some decent enough pics once gone thru post


        -Lancer CE coupe series 1 chassy MR
        engine: 6a13TT (2.5L V6 24 valve twin turbo engine) from a VR4 Galant ~ 269hp/atw
        Gbox: 6a12mivec box with LSD from an FTO
        Braking: 294mm twin piston brakes (front) and 260mm single piston brakes (rear) from a VR4 Galant and rear from an FTO
        Wheels: EVO-8 BBS rims
        Interior: EVO-6 Recaro Bucket seats and evo 6 genuine momo steering wheel


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          a few shots just from various events

          a few from a Downshift meet

          these ones are from a cruise did up Mt. Nebo/Glorious

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            some more shots from a Downshift meet


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                good stuff bros, i love what im seeing
                we all know this forum is about koalas, kangaroos and eucalyptus leaves, not cars.