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  • Originally posted by brianneathery View Post
    Those plates are from Texas? Thats my neck of the woods
    Hhehhe I was in Texas on holidays last month :P


    • just a few of favs
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      • Now I know why your car had an orange tinge to it on all the rubber bits! Nice work. I've only ever had some fun on a dusty carpark in mine, but she is too pretty for mud


        • Mine is the blue one!


          • Originally posted by kigdaza View Post
            Hhehhe I was in Texas on holidays last month :P
            well if you tind yourself in texas again let me know

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            • Originally posted by ecks View Post

              _MG_7110 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

              _MG_7103 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

              _MG_7054 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

              _MG_7044 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

              _MG_7088 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

              _MG_7075 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr
              Think I saw that Red Silvia today on the Central Coast, NSW
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              • think hes working atm. well unless he's a bludger and went for a drive.


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                  • My best friend is a professional photographer, we used his gear, with our creative brains and Photoshopping skillz and here is the results:

                    We did try HDR but it didnt turn out too well, not really publishable


                    • btw the forester is very very sexy


                      • 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Teasers ujelly?

                        Ferrari FF by slowNserious, on Flickr

                        Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS 4.0 by slowNserious, on Flickr

                        Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster by slowNserious, on Flickr
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                        • ^^^

                          Those cars are HOT!!!...
                          Originally posted by jmacman12
                          RLD_evoIX you have good taste
                          Rodney is the name, Evo IX is the Dream


                          • Wow, there are some really nice pictures in there!
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                            • 249615_10150182946883366_695468365_6994831_5887443_n.jpg312668_10150271766563366_695468365_7836903_249226_n.jpg

                              I don't have a real camera yet, these were taken on my phone


                              • Got a Nikkon D3100 about 2 weeks ago, havent really had time to play with it, other thn a quick little photoshoot I did. photo's didnt come out so great except for this one:

                                And this one:

                                BTW, I was using the 55-200mm lens that I got with it... Probably not the best, But I left the 18-55 at home, and couldnt be bothered going home to get it
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                                Originally posted by Squirt
                                And BIGZED, phwoar. He is 1 cheeky kunt m8. I could easy wrek him 1v1.
                                Originally posted by LikeABoss
                                Welcome to the bogan side, heres your complimentary can of VB, a kick to mouth to remove most of your teeth and a makita angle grinder for that extra low.