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    Originally posted by manyu View Post

    those plates

    man, aus has such complicated rule and lame restrictions for these licenses types


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      the DC-120 isn't that big, it is about the size of a pair of binoculars. They last forever though my dad uses the DC-240 every day and my grandparents still use the DC120 regularly...too bad Kodak sat back and let digital destroy them. A similar thing is happening with Xerox at the moment as nobody uses traditional copiers anymore...but that isn't photo related.
      Originally posted by MOOG
      Volvo is turbo and proper mad.
      Originally posted by Jenga
      You see, when a piston, block, crankshaft, and some fuel and air all love each other very, very much.....


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        Enough Talk, more pictures.


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          I'll throw my best ones. But I'm only 16 so I can't afford anything other than a normal digital pocket camera or whatever there called. But it does have 14.2 megapixles (Idk what that means but it sounds good )

          A little ghetto HDR

          Idk if this looks like the actual thing, it seems pretty good to me, but its not a actual HDR

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            That second pic, if it was more stablized


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              Originally posted by manyu View Post
              That second pic, if it was more stablized
              that was my 3 megapixel cellphone pic :P


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                  Tryed editing some pics from my trip to europe, but they just came out bad. I'll give it another shot later :P until then. This space is reserved!


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                    Hi all... I have been into photography for a wile now... and I love it

                    A few things to help you all out...editing is hard and can expensive. The best free software I have found is photo scape and gimp 2... This is all you will ever need...

                    On cameras don’t be scared of them... there great... don’t e shy to take a million photos when you start out... you can delete all the ones you don’t want. If your new to photography have a look on line for help and tips... a great thing is youtube. There are so many videos on there...

                    When buying a camera I stay away from the shops and shop online... read many reviews before buying the camera you’re looking at and see what it can do...

                    I lost my camera or some one stole it... but any way it’s gone... but I had ever thing too go with it... like lenses and arteries. So I hoped on ebay and found the same camera that I had lost... any way long story short... back in the day I payed 340$ for my camara. on eBay I got the same camera , a smaller one that is powerful yet small and a printer dock for them with all of the cables for 112$ posted :P

                    It was amazing. The person that I got them off was so nice: P she had used them about 6 times all up and then got a new one for a wedding gift so the old ones got put away months after she got them

                    There are lots of cheap deals out there... be sure your covered buy insurance both when paying and shipping your camera... because if it doesn’t come or gets broken you get your money back...

                    I don’t have many pics on this computer because I use my other one for photos... but here is one I took of my old bike I restored :P
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                      Rocky by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

                      _MG_4691 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

                      _MG_4723 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

                      _MG_4664 by Ecks Reyes, on Flickr

                      Any C&C is welcomed.


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                        Hey, Not many people know i work for my dad as a cameraman, we film all kinds of motor sport mainly rallying, but recently i have moved over to taking shots of rally cars instead, since driving around with a 450d is much easier then a big bulky shoulder mount camera.

                        heres a few of the shots from last weekend i took.

                        99' Subaru WRX Look'a'like


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                          various shots i've taken

                          Its not turbo lag, it's foreplay
                          MY S15 SILVIA MCM MAG ISSUE #2 FEATURE CAR


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                            Man my shots are as exciting as a 90s disposable camera

                            I have a cannon 1000D with a speed light flash..

                            Anyone know some simple settings i can adjust to get a good photo (like a style of photo).


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                              Nice sx2bu. What kit do u have? Macro lens I assume?

                              Bevsta. You can get decent shots with the 1000d, even with the kit lens. It's jst a matter of playing. Have you tried light painting? Thats always alot of fun.


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                                awesome shots. and Bevsta, I use a 1000D myself.