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bridge cameras (fujifilm hs10)

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  • bridge cameras (fujifilm hs10)

    would any photographer recommend the fujifilm hs10? im not photographer, but what i have read about it is great in my eyes for the money. i would like a DSLR but cant afford one that can film in HD and i probably wont be changing lenses anyway so i see this is a good alternative.

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    Good for the money, but I can guarantee you that you will upgrade it in a year or so. The reason being, that its performance in low light (inside/car meets/nighttime) won't compare with a DSLR.

    BUT... grab it, use it for a year then sell it on eBay for half what you paid and you'll only be out a couple of hundred bucks PLUS have a years experience! I say go for it!
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      From what I gather they are not too bad. But personally IMO I would save up a bit to get an entry level DSLR (plenty of great ones out there especially from Nikon and Canon). And like what MOOG said once you reall get into it you really will feel the need for an upgrade. I've only had my Nikon D3100 for less than a year and already the limitations of an entry level DSLR is starting to hinder me from getting what I really want. I'm already looking at upgrading possibly within the next few months to a Nikon D7000.
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        im not massivly into photgraphy, just wanted a camera that was decent (compared to my phone)

        the reason i chose the hs10 are the price, picked mine up for £185 from ebay, similar DSLR's for the same price are either really old or not that great.
        secondly it has a manual zoom and focus ring, other bridge cameras the zoom is from a button.
        thirdly it can shoot decent full HD video and the manual zoom ring means you dont get the noise of the motor when zooming in.
        fourthly is because of the features like a sweeping panoramic (hold down the button and turn around) high speed shooting and loads of other awesome little tricks including high speed videoing (up to 1000fps, but 480fps is about the useable limit)