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My new Business !

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  • My new Business !

    Hi all. I have recently decided to turn my passion for photography into a business. It's not easy to do but i'm sure it will pay off one day. For years people have told me I should start a business or at least do sessions for people and even make money. For me photography was always an interest and something to keep my mind busy by learning a new skill. I was very unconfident and critical of my work so I only took photos for a select few people. For a while there I lost interest as I felt I had reached a limit in the way that the more i learnt the more i out grew my equipment. I also got bored with it and end up reverting back to auto modes at times and not putting much effort into it any more.

    I had a big break from it and one day decided to pick up my camera again and start taking photos. I also brought a few old cameras too that i'm excited to use very soon. It's nice to have a camera where auto modes and fancy camera gear isn't there to save me.I also try and think about what i'm shooting now. I found i slowed down my work and only took half if not less images then I normally would. I feel that digital photography is great but it does make us lazy and also rush our work because you can just delete it any way.

    I'm excited to see where this new venture will take me. It's a lot of hard work but i'm keen to have a good go of it If you have thought about starting a business or have indeed started your own, feel free to comment your experiences below. If you would like to check out my work or give me a like then click the link. Thanks all for reading. Will update this again soon.

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    Good luck man! Make sure to study up, there is more to learn about photography than most people expect. just dont just be a guy with a fancy camera i wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the process


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      Hey! How is it going, man? Did you succeed? I'm asking about it, because I want to retire and start my own business too. And the idea with photography looks interesting. I want to retire because I'm working hard every day and my boss is doing nothing. For example, not so long ago one of his business partners told him that his schedule is bad, and he told me to do it for free. Well, I took template from this site and made it. I don't really know what do I have to do. Maybe I will start my own business, maybe I will sue my boss, maybe both.
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