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Planned Forum Maintenance This Weekend - Sunday 24th Feb 2013

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  • Planned Forum Maintenance This Weekend - Sunday 24th Feb 2013

    Good morning forum users and spam bots (both human and machine.. ie: volvos and iPhones)

    The servers getting a maaaad upgrade.. 1TB of ram no less... but will be down for a few hours while its moved over

    we'll do it sunday morning while most of you are asleep dreaming about cars you will one day own

    watch this space for updates.

    life time ban for anyone who spams this post with anything.
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    Will there be a bump of this thread a short time before it happens? Time zones put that around Saturday afternoon/night NA time I think.
    Originally posted by MOOG
    Volvo is turbo and proper mad.
    Originally posted by Jenga
    You see, when a piston, block, crankshaft, and some fuel and air all love each other very, very much.....


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      >1tb of ram
      any other upgrades? and is it a linux or windows server?
      Originally posted by tekkentool
      like this post? herpa derpa durr etc.