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Someone let the goats out and they ate the server...

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  • Someone let the goats out and they ate the server...

    If you're reading this you're looking at a 2013 backup. We have a newer backup that is being restored that will replace this.

    Why? well someone wiped the server, and the backups AND the backup the upstream providor had. They attempted data recovery, but only managed to get a partial restoration.

    Does it suck? absolutely it does. After the forums getting hacked over a year ago we paid a professional forum nerd to get a new setup happening, make sure it was secure, and make sure it was backed up, and it was. That guy sold his business off and the new guys that took it over... well... yeah here we are.

    Anyway, this might disappear and a newer backup will replace it if all goes well, we still will have lost a bit of data but we will have saved a lot of cool historical stuff. We really want the forums to remain even though usage is tiny compared to what it once was, you can thank Facebook for that.

    If you've lost threads, our apologies, there's little we could have done. Going forward we'll have some extra manual backups (which would take us theoretically up to 4+ backups of the system) in place.

    jmacman EDIT: While your thread may be gone it is possible that some aspects were cached by Google. Search your thread name/title in google and click the cached button on the bottom right portion of the link to see what you can recover. We hope we will have some form of backup implemented but currently that is unknown. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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