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RELEASED! Turbos & Temples 2 // JDM Feature Film Part 2

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  • RELEASED! Turbos & Temples 2 // JDM Feature Film Part 2

    The latest video has now been released!

    News from the guys about the latest upload! When it gets released I'll update this post

    Everyone loves a good plan - except when it fails.

    So where is Part 2 of our feature film? Well here we go...

    Our plan was to release the first section on Christmas Day. This was a success. The next part of our plan was to release the second half on New Years Day.

    We worked really hard between Christmas Day and New Years to get it finished. Missed some family parties, hanging out with mates etc and got it finished on the 30th of December, uploaded it to YouTube (which took 23 hours) with loads of time for it to process into HD and be ready for release.

    Well that was almost 4 days ago and the video has still not processed. (Basically every video that gets uploaded YouTube needs to check and encode which is called 'Processing'. It usually takes around 10-15 minutes)

    But for us, after days it has not processed to maximum quality. It's stuck at 360P (literally looks like it was shot on a potato) and after all this effort we just refuse to release it at Nokia phone spec. We've managed to get some YouTube techs on the case and they are looking into it for us. In our 11 years on the platform, never seen anything like it. It's just stuck in some weird Youtube 360P vortex.

    We may need to re-encode, reupload, or just wait from days or even weeks. Specs are the same as the previous section which went up fine so it's a mystery. Currently nobody can tell us which has been really stressful as we are so excited to share this film with you. It's been super late nights and now it's completely out of our hands as YouTube techs try and sort it out.

    So as soon as the video is processed we'll be releasing it straight away. We just don't know how long that's going to be and we REALLY need a lemon squash and a sleep. Rest assured we've done everything we can to get this to you and will stay on the case until Youtube tells us it's good to go. For now we just gotta get some sleep cause we're totally Ketut.

    As a consolation prize for now, may I direct you to the original MCM Superturbo Epsiode which was 10 years ago. Oh we were so young and carefree in those simple days - LOL. We were celebrating 100,000 total views from all of our videos. How cute!

    Here it is:

    oh no.jpg
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