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The Unicorn Circuit! [2019]

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  • The Unicorn Circuit! [2019]

    All things Unicorn!


    Today, we’re talking about new performance cars just introduced to market as well as big news from the Skid Factory and all your favourite segments including an awesome car!

    The Unicorn Circuit: Marty and Moog from Mighty Car Mods discuss car news, weird stuff from the internet, Fanking, random stories pulled from a hairy hat and eat strange snacks bought online.

    Send us a video of your town: [email protected]

    Send us a video of your Crap Car: [email protected]


    The Unicorn Circuit Facebook:


    Postal address:
    Mighty Car Mods
    PO Box 475
    Sydney Markets
    NSW 2129


    Today we’re introducing some new vehicles to the market, as well as discussing the idea of introducing a speed limit to the Autobahn in Germany!

    2SEXY VS 2WISTD Battle + Nissan’s New Car + Bye Bye Diesel [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP64]

    Today, we’re looking at why china’s car market is shrinking as well as how it affects us, the evolving way people are buying cars, and even some random facts about records!

    Automotive Black Box VS Privacy // BMW FINED! + Apple Watch VS Garmin [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP65]

    Today we’re looking at why BMW have been given a fine, introducing new vehicles to market, and even comparing our watches!

    2Wisted vs 2Sexy CONSPIRACY + Co2 Cleanup + Sauce Storage [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP66]

    Today we discuss the conspiracy theories of the 2wisted vs 2sexy battle, how they pluck Co2 out of the air and selling it back to you, and we also bring up whether or not sauce belongs in the fridge or cupboard.

    RECALLS!! Rotary IS BACK + Supra Racing + Streett Charing [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP67]

    Today, it’s recalls galore plus Mazda looking like they're going to keep the Rotary alive for another germination! We're also looking at some new concept cars, how they will be implemented, and how ford is looking at building them in a more environmentally friendly way. Of course we have all your favourite segments and our mail bag segment!

    I may or may not be against street lighting car chargers. Evil things!


    Reach Out:

    Today, we salute all the amazing bidders on 2WISTD, talk about the potential flaws of the street light electric car charging idea, and have a look at some old vs new concept cars.

    NEW SEGMENT!! (JDM SPECIAL) Nissan Sponsor E-sport / Sake / Electric Ute [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP69]

    Today, we’re introducing a brand new segment to the show with a special guest, take a look at some concept cars, and ponder over what the future of cars, as we currently know them, might look like.

    Thanks To Taka from SakeNet to teaching us about Sake.

    WishBone Special + NEW RB26 + Updated 86 & BRZ [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP70]

    Today we talk the factory re-make of the RB20 Skyline Engine, brush on the update of the 86 & BRZ, and introduce new cars, whilst cramming some of our Wish Bone chicken burgers down our necks.

    Check out Wish Bone


    So many conspiracies including WiFI data dtealing! We’re also talking autonomy in public transport, along with hybrid Hondas, & if Marty is allowed to paint his wooden ladder or not.

    [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP72] Nissan 50th Anniversary GTR + Audi’s 1st EV + Rotary BUG + Paradise Fires

    Today, we mention the new manufacturer to jump into electric vehicle production, have a look at the 50th anniversary edition GTR, and check out Subaru’s new rally car.

    [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP73] SUPRA PRICING + Got busted fanking // TCR Race Series

    Today, we dive further into electro-mobility, talk about the new Audi RS3, discuss replica wheels and the apparent lack of safety around them, as well as introduce a new race series to hit Australia!

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