It's here, the time is now! Happy 2020.

This thread will link all of the videos released on the main channel for this year.

Click here for a list of the 2019 videos

[S12 EP01] Fixing the best JDM 2 door car ever made
[S12 EP02] Nissan Pulsar GTiR Restoration and Tune
[S12 EP03] $169 eBay turbo install (Yaris)
[S12 EP04] Budget Yaris gets BOOOOOOST // $169 eBay Turbo (Will it go or wil it BLOW)
[S12 EP05] $169 eBay Turbo Dyno Results (EPIC!)
[S12 EP06] $169 eBay Turbo Big block Yaris (Let's finish this!!!)
[S12 EP07] $169 eBay Turbo Yaris - MAX SPEED TEST (RIP)
[S12 EP08] Yaris Hilton - What Went Wrong? (Engine Inspection)
[S12 EP09] The REAL COST of a $169 eBay Turbo

[S12 EP10] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge (Marty's New Car)
[S12 EP11] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge I Bought a MOON BUGGY!!
[S12 EP12] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - How to fix a broken Moon Buggy
[S12 EP13] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Marty's MR2 is a rustbucket
[S12 EP14] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Will the Moon Buggy Run after 5 years?
[S12 EP15] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Marty's MR2 is full of (nasty) surprises!
[S12 EP16] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - The MR2 gets a shiny new turbo
[S12 EP17] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Moon Buggy first drive - IT RIPS (poor little MR2)
[S12 EP18] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - MR2 takes on Miss Daisy parts (Water to Air Intercooler Install)
[S12 EP19] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Rattle Can Paint Job (MR2 and Moog Buggy Update)
[S12 EP20] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - Marty's MR2 finally starts... after the fuel system explodes.
[S12 EP21] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge - MR2 finally hits the dyno
[S12 EP22] $10,000 Rear Engine Challenge FINALE

[S12 EP23] Our New Car Arrives From Japan [HONK if you're a JDM Nugget]
[S12 EP24] Moog's New Car (Does Good Skids)
[S12 EP25] (BRZ vs Superturbo)
[S12 EP26] How to modify your car - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

[S12 EP27] Marty bought the 2nd best Subaru ever!
[S12 EP28] Finally buying my DREAM CAR (and it's not modified)
[S12 EP29] Marty's WRX STI - When it won't buff out, paint the whole thing
[S12 EP30] Marty's WRX STI - Reassembly after paint Part 1
[S12 EP31] Marty's WRX STI - Reassembly after paint Part 2
[S12 EP32] Marty's WRX STI - A tough new gearbox is required WRX 6 speed conversion
[S12 EP33] Marty's WRX STI - Brembo Brakes, Shocks and full JDM wheel restoration

[S12 EP34] MOOG's BRZ - Easy bolt on performance mods
[S12 EP35] MOOG's BRZ - How to make more power with NA engine (HUGE INCREASE!)
[S12 EP36] SUPERTURBO: Guess the weight before you watch
[S12 EP37] My Super (Turbo) Car
[S12 EP38] The STI is READY TO RACE the BRZ!
[S12 EP39] Disrespected BRZ *emotional*
[S12 EP40] Everything you need for your first track day
[S12 EP41] $15k car vs $60k car (Loser wins $5000 cash)

[S12 EP42] Fake turbo VS Fake turbo
[S12 EP43] How to fix scratches on your car (MYTH BUSTED)

[S12 EP44] Making the BRZ fast PART 1
[S12 EP45] BRZ VS STA REMATCH (Disrespected emotion)
[S12 EP46] How to turbo your car (IN ONE DAY!!)