About time I started this methinks!

Welcome to 2021!

This thread will link all of the videos released on the main channel for this year.

Click here for a list of the 2020 videos

[S13 EP01] Watching our FIRST YouTube Video (13 years ago)
[S13 EP02] MOOGs New Car (Bought sight unseen off the internet)

[S13 EP05] Unboxing and installing ALL he mad parts on our twin charged Nissan
[S13 EP06] The Last Drive - Farewell LOTUS

[S13 EP07] (EP1) Buying an unfinished project car (off the internet) it's a civic
[S13 EP08] (EP2) Our Honda Civic Build *DISRESPECTED CIVIC*
[S13 EP09] (EP3) MOAR Civic MODS (in the bin!) *DISRESPECTED VTEC*
[S13 EP10] (EP4) Our Civic is NASTY (engine work begins)
[S13 EP11] (EP5) Spoon your SKUNK until he MUGENS (CIVIC Build)
[S13 EP12] (EP6) The Last SKUNK FIGHTER Nugget CIVIC Build
[S13 EP13] (EP7) This Civic needs to go IN THE BIN
[S13 EP14] (EP8) I've an unfinished chocolate cake, here's an egg!
[S13 EP15] (EP9) The comment section was right! - Civic
[S13 EP16] (EP10) Buying this Civic was a mistake
[S13 EP17] (EP11) Disrespecting our Civic
[S13 EP18] (EP12) Nugget Civic FIRST START
[S13 EP19] (EP13) Our Civic hits the dyno
[S13 EP20] (EP14) the END of the CIVIC - finale

[S13 EP21] Supergramps is BACK
[S13 EP22] Our V8 BMW E30 is BACK with MORE POWER
[S13 EP23] CAM INSTALL on our LS powered BMW
[S13 EP24] BMW E30 CAM Upgrade & Dyno Run
[S13 EP25] We take the v8 BMW E30 for a slide

[S13 EP26] NEW CAR (you've never seen MODS like this before!!)
[S13 EP27] My NEW CAR will BLOW YOUR PANTS OFF!!(99999999%)
[S13 EP28] TOO SOON JUNIOR (Turbo VS Non-Turbo battle!

[S13 EP29] JDM Kei Truck Turbo Conversion