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  • Into for Ben :)

    Hi MCM fans, I'm Ben, you may remember me from no where.

    I've been a MCM fan since like forever. Im 18 and a uni student/ checkout chick. My first car, which i still have, is a 96 lancer. Of course it being a lancer it has to have chrome wheels and body kit etc. Typical P plater car. It has red calipers, which i did exactly the same as MCM long before i even saw it. Perhaps they stole the idea from me lol.

    Uhm what else.... I have a strong interest in cars and photography. Bassically its a good mix, always have a subject to shoot. I live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Lovely place to live. Bassically the next car i buy (once of P plates, argh only 1 year, 8 months, 11 days to go lol) Is to buy a Nissan S15 Silvia, or a Mitsubishi evo (hence why i have a lancer, love evo's).

    Anyways enough from me. Im going to bed as i have uni tomorrow, on a SATURDAY!! Yes i know...Gay