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Hey guys just another newby

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  • Hey guys just another newby


    Im alex im 20 i like cruising about and haging out with a few mates and a few beers when im not working night fill at woolworths.

    I have had 4 Cars in the last three years first of these my mitsubishi galant did all the stupid mods to that one and then sold it for a whopping $900 to buy my most expensive car my MG MGF (two door convertible) Black with red leather.

    i then bought the ultimate 4wd 1990 Holden barina i fully moded it up with a huge checker plate bash plate and took it out fully 4wdriving up in the glasshouse mountains. After driving through water up to the windows and knee deep mud and dinting my fuel tank to half capacity.

    i swaped it for my dads pajero Turbo!! diesel with 365000 K's on the clock. which i drove an extra 4500km to the other side of the country fully loaded and about 300km back when i cracked the engine block.

    My life story haha

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    Welcome, always good to see another Alex!
    If at first you don't succeed, add duct take.


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      alex.. i Hate That Name!!! *shifty eyes*

      how you going mate? thats a fair few cars in your driving career, what i gather is your current car is the MGF? thats kind of like an mx-5 yeah?
      post some pics up.. cant go wrong with black and red