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hey everyone

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  • hey everyone

    so i found the mighty car mods chanel on youtube a while back and watched a few videos then forgot about it until recently when i watched every episode and subscribed. then i found out there was a forum and thought i should come on over and join

    marty & moog good job guys love the show

    i own/but dont drive (yet) a 1979 fiat X1/9 - which is actually my first car but it needs some work, ill make a members ride thread in a minute

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    Hey thanks for joining up mate. Sounds like you've got a unique ride there that I'm sure we'll all look forward to seeing!
    MCM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 OUT NOW. Have you got a copy yet? Mighty Car Mods Magazine


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      Welcome mate. Loving the choice or car for sure!!


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        How are you mate? ahoi hoi and dont forget to buy your MCM shirt!!