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Hey all, another newbie to the list

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  • Hey all, another newbie to the list

    Hi, Only recently got into mcm. I think its brilliant, Normally i wouldn't join a forum but can't miss out on the opportunity to learn a few things and maybe make a couple mates. Good mate in real life popsprocket showed me a vid and now i've seen every ep lol. Brilliant show

    I'm 18 and currently own my 2nd car, My first was a 1982 280zx. White with a red interior, Auto gearbox, more rust than you can poke a stick at. Was going to be my restorer but the chassis rails were cancered up like the bulk of the panels. Sold it and the new ride is a 1985 300zx.
    Its a non turbo manual, apart from the tiniest bit of rust on the door sills+ just above the windscreen its in brilliant condition, 150000km's and doesn't miss a beat. Its slightly riced up but thats the old owners doing, plan is to cut out the rust, get some nice wire rims, probably paint the calipers red lol and redo the interior in leather. After the 300zx's paid off and i'm happy with her ill start saving for the dream car, the 240z. Abit of a z lover lol.
    Cheers for having me

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    welcome to mcm mate, its always risky buying an older car. You cant really tell how good a condition its in until youve pulled it apart alittle. Post up some pics of your car when you get a chance


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      Welcome mate. I'm a fan of the old Z's also even though I've never owned one. White with a red interior actually sounds quite nice!

      Look forward to seeing some pics of it mate so make sure you post some up.

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