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Hi from Bulgaria

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  • Hi from Bulgaria

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Alek, 22, from Bulgaria (in Europe, if you're wondering).
    I've loved modding and fast cars in general all my life,but it wasn't until a few months ago that I
    actually bought a truly fast car (I've owned a bunch of nissans including an S13), however nothing
    prepared me for the slap in the face I got when I got a Subaru,I have a 1994 JDM WRX with a EJ20G engine and a tdo5 turbo.
    The mods I have on the car are:
    A Blitz air filter,
    Turbo back exhaust,
    NGK iridium spark plugs,
    And I am currently saving up to start a total project (fingers crossed)
    I am not sure about the power of the car,but it is a bloody lot, It runs donuts around a 1999 STI.
    I also have a 1999 legacy Break as a daily driver.
    My occupation until now was the Medical university,don't like that so I quit,and am currently applying for a industrial designer at the technical university in my home town of Sofia.I have a day job obviously and it is at HP(as in hewlett packard,not horse power ).
    So thats it,I might be helpful with some books in a pdf format,you might like.

    In a true MCM style I do all my own mods and I do them in a shed or in my parents driveway.My dad helps out a lot as well,however english is not his first choice of language 208250_1847188031414_1592087881_31842594_997780_n.jpg215961_1847191151492_1592087881_31842600_5118740_n.jpg217591_1847192831534_1592087881_31842602_1778433_n.jpg222405_1847194791583_1592087881_31842605_4572680_n.jpg
    Real street weapons don't have back seats!

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    Greetz n welcome m8! We need more euro guys to strengthen the ranks against the legions of ozzy's on here hahaha.

    I trust you will enjoy your stay, tis all guuud here.
    Originally posted by deadcell96
    It's like Underground 2 all over again.
    Originally posted by jmacman12
    ...but, but he's got such a good star rating!!

    Disclaimer: Under NO circumstance should anybody replicate any actions I did. Seriously. Don't.


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      Gorgeous car man! Welcome to the forums!