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  • l3gion

    Hello mates!
    Im Marko from Estonia in Europe.
    Im a student, one day hopefully im going to be a car mechanic
    Im intrested of cars, motorcycles and turbos
    I like those cheap and mighty mods for you every day car. i dont mind expensive ferraris and stuff but im not intrested of them.
    I like to do everything with my own hands.
    My English isnt the best but hopefully we can understand each other.
    So hello from Estonia!

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    Awesome dude, thats what MCM is all about: doing it yourself to save money and add something to your car!

    Don't worry about your english though, even if what you type is grammatically incorrect 99% of people can still understand it

    Hope your plans work out for you, they sound great!
    My 2008.5 Mazda Axela GT
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    Have you seen the MCM WIKI page? If not, click here!
    "Limit's, like fears are often an illusion"
    -Michael Jordan


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      Wow Estonia - that is so cool!

      MCM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 OUT NOW. Have you got a copy yet? Mighty Car Mods Magazine