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Howzat from Cape Town South Africa

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  • Howzat from Cape Town South Africa

    Hi all MCM members being watching the series on You Tube and njoying it.Must say I'm jealous of all the cars you guys have and especially how cheap they are.

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    Hey m8, welcome to the forums!

    Dont be jealous man, we share our lovin' on here. I like to see as all the mcm members cars as one big happy family. Really, people help eachother out with mods, ask n give advise. So all the cars on here are influenced by the members if you think about it.

    Anyway, welcome and enjoy the stay!
    Originally posted by deadcell96
    It's like Underground 2 all over again.
    Originally posted by jmacman12
    ...but, but he's got such a good star rating!!

    Disclaimer: Under NO circumstance should anybody replicate any actions I did. Seriously. Don't.