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  • my intro

    thought id do my intro since i havent since joining when the new forum started up,
    im from Radelaide

    currently i drive a 1982 ford KA Laser S, only modding ive done so far is getting rid of the old AM radio and LED interior light
    Currently running the E5 engine but im looking into a B6T conversion, and keeping it stock looking out side for that sleeper look.

    "Is it weird this gave me a Rageboner?"

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    Dude I love it. It's got MCM written all over it.

    (Well not yet but it will when we send you a sticker)
    MCM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 OUT NOW. Have you got a copy yet? Mighty Car Mods Magazine


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      Looks tidy. You don't see anywhere near as many of these Lasers as you used to.
      "...And there will come a time where the sins
      of man become too great to be ignored."
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        im the 2nd owner & it has yet to clock 70,000k's, other than the dent & now rust spot under the front bumper where the previous owner hit something its pretty good, and theres a bit of wear on the bonnet from the previous owner polishing it... a lot. those pics are from the day i got it home, im still replacing a few bits that are on the way out under the bonnet, dizzy, air filter, CV's & boots, breaks, clutch was shagged. other than the cd player & 4 6.5" speakers still all original.... for now.
        waiting on Mr Tax man to give me some money to do some painting, new front bumper off a BD deluxe for when i get the FMIC to hide it,

        my list its the first 2 pages of my workshop manual of things to find & replace but for now its just tidy her up, hit her up with a bit of BLACK on the trims.

        feel free to do some work on my car when you stop off in Adelaide Moog ;-)
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        "Is it weird this gave me a Rageboner?"


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          Nice little car I'd love to have one I'd get it ready to rally ... Hmmm I just might do that to a little car in the future ....... =] thanks for the idea

          Great car
          Keep us updated!


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            there not hard to find KA/KB cheap, finding in good condition is the hard part, ive been trying to find a 3-door KB but there rare in good condition, let alone with a black interior
            "Is it weird this gave me a Rageboner?"