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  • Hell(0)

    Hi everyone,
    im manyu - from sydney
    basically into physical car mods (yeah, that was meant to be looks)
    coming to my ride !
    i drive hotwheels at the moment ! (and my dad's VW tiguan, and my mom's VW passat)
    im on my L's and in a few months i will be on my P's (FEW = 6 and a half)

    Thats it for now.
    i will post up pics of cars i drew on paper shortly

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    At least your learning on quality VW love. What kind of car do you want yourself eventually?
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      it maybe VW quality moog, but the DSG's are crap.
      any small hatch would do for me atm
      but definitely no AUTO 'box.
      im only driving those cars cause i don't have an option

      I actually wanted to ask you a question on the VW's DSG.
      they maybe changing gears really fast, but what i've noticed is that they downshift before the car even slows down. you can feel the same engine whirr when we downshift really early in a manual. wont it cause engine damage?


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        Its gotta be a hatch, and its gotta be a VW!

        Having said that GOLF IS THE WAY TO GOOO BUDDY!! get a golf like mine, great fun to drive and you get looks from EVERYONE! hehe

        Also, welcome
        -'76 Golf MK1


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          HAAAAA i reckon
          i was looking at a 1988 VW golf yesterday, done about 90,000 odd kays in a pretty rough condidtion.
          but imma get it and have a full respray (probs like an orange one like yours)

          oh,thanks btw


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            Hey welcome! I love golfs! awesome cars


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              Thanks man !
              i know, Golfs are mad cars