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Hey all :)

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  • Hey all :)

    I've recently found out about MCM and got addicted to it.

    I love how you guys can do things and entertain/educate everyone regardless of the financial restrictions.

    Anyway im form melbourne, 17 y.o and am a proud owner of a Golf mk1 !
    Been in aus for 3 or so years now.

    Thats about it
    -'76 Golf MK1

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    We must see this Golf
    "...And there will come a time where the sins
    of man become too great to be ignored."
    -- Revelations 99:13


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      Bahahaha, well the funny thing is i dont have any new pics of it as i've jsut completed a engine transplant and the car looks pretty diffrent now.

      But none the less here it is sir

      What it will look like once i get my coilovers :P (photoshop)

      -'76 Golf MK1


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        i love the mk1 golf they look so cool
        Another Quality post from Hayden
        Have my P's, now what do I count down to?
        Originally posted by ADowbs
        In Volvo, we do trust.
        My Boat:


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          Originally posted by Hayden121 View Post
          i love the mk1 golf they look so cool
          Cheers bro, it was extremely hard to find, let alone getting all the parts to restore it. Ill open up another thread in 'members rides' and show you the life of it
          -'76 Golf MK1


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            That's a whole lot of YES!!!!!!

            (And welcome to the forums

            MCM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 OUT NOW. Have you got a copy yet? Mighty Car Mods Magazine