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New to forums, been reading for a while and watching MCM vids for a few weeks

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  • MOOG
    Hey man!

    Welcome and thanks for joining up. It's all about tasteful modifications with MCM (except for the TRDLZR of course)

    Look forward to seeing you around the forums and maybe at Autosalon sydney.


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  • Jordan.
    Hi, im the first to say welcome to the forums.

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  • New to forums, been reading for a while and watching MCM vids for a few weeks

    Hi all,

    Thought i'd introduce myself after reading the forums for a few weeks now, and laughing my a55 off at the MCM vids for a while longer.

    I've been into cars ever since i was a young pup and although i've backed off on the mods a bit these days, i'll always have at least 1 or 2 things done to my cars... you just have to make it feel a little bit personal and special right? :P

    My last 3 cars have been Euro's .. but i have an appreciation for any car that has been looked after and tastefully modded. I've owned lots of different makes of cars over the years as well as a few bikes and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that there are still people out there that still share a love of cars as i do... even with our friends in blue doing their very best to try and make it hard for us to enjoy our passion.

    Anyway ... that's enough rabbiting on from me, just wanted to say hello :-)