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hi, thomas bernal all the way from florida "USA" and i need a sticker!!! :)

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    Originally posted by Berry View Post
    We have plenty of manuels down here, but most young people learn auto since its *easier*. To me theres nothing better then grabing a stick between your legs.

    Also a gearstick ; )
    lol rust me i was in a deep search for a manual automaic car. but its hard to find a descent one. so i got an automatic but i always use the the sport gear to atleast give me a sensation of changeing gears. lol


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      Originally posted by rjsaccent88 View Post
      soooo...ppl race track with autos?? really?
      suprisingly there is quite a handful of people who do. wierd i know. but its not like there is not manual people outthere. well most of them are but its like a 60% are manual and 40% are automatic


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        Originally posted by Gman View Post
        now we all know where you live...

        "stalking time"

        was thinking same thinggg
        i wanna see drifting so hard MOOG's hair shifts into another dimension!
        "This hats home made, My mum made it. Smell it. No dont smell it thats just freakin weird."