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  • Random introduction

    Hey all, I've finally got around to registering here!
    Have been keeping track of your videos for a while now and just recently discovered that the mechanic that I go to is also a mcm nutter haha, I can't remember his username on here but I believe he got a Subaru wagon off marty?

    Anyways about my self,
    I'm Brad, I hail from the central coast in nsw
    I own a not quite standard bg Mazda 323 astina.
    I our purchased the car about 2 years ago totally stock
    And it is now running the 1.8l BPT out of the Mazda familia, strapped to it is a Garrett GT2871rs on a custom manifold as the standard turbo decided to throw a fin off the impeller at 12psi.

    For the drive train it houses a fully rebuilt box with a mazdaspeed 1.5 way LSD and a PAR straight cut 3rd gear.
    I tend to get alot of looks when driving around in 3rd... Don't know why? Haha

    It has stock management in it at the moment and is annoying the crap out of me as I get boost cut at 10psi and only at 5000rpm, so haven't had the chance to be able to really wind it out, as it sits now I have no problems with loosing traction in 1st and 2nd running 17s.

    It's basically setup as a sleeper and I'm trying to keep it as standardish looking as possible.

    When I get on a computer I will create a thread with some pics and more info about the car.

    Till then,

    Cheers guys!
    Last edited by Zero_cool; 10-08-2010, 05:18 PM.
    BG SP Wedge + BPT + GT2871RS + FMIC + 3" exhaust+ Haltech + BPD injectors + Walbro GSS342 + LSD + Par straight cut 3rd + custom shafts + upgraded brakes + suspension + tints + doof = Fun Fun Fun.