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Hey what's up guys!

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  • Hey what's up guys!

    Been watching MCM on and off since they started with season 1. I think it's about time I get in the forums haha.

    I love cars. Before I was into them it was all about computers for me and coming from the IT world it was an awesome experience applying the same concepts and glorious ideas to cars.

    I now drive a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon. V6 and auto. Yes. Auto. I love it. It is my baby and my autocross whore.

    Hello to everyone and hello MCM!


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    Noice! How much kw's does it have?
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      I've only seen a handful of Tiburon's in the flesh, love their shape...

      Can you squeeze out more power safely/easily/cheaply from that V6? I don't know jack about hyundai, but I feel like they're becoming the new Toyota or Honda

      They started as cheap car companies that nobody paid attention to, then ended up owning most car sales in most major countries. The Koreans seem to be on that path as well...


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        how is the torque steer in the tiburon? v6 sounds like a lot of torque for fwd. nice looking car by the way, love the colour