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Hello form Adelaide - Supercharged Cuore Speeduino build

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  • Hello form Adelaide - Supercharged Cuore Speeduino build

    Hi everyone,

    I've been a fan of the show since the beginning and on the forum for ages, but have never really posted or anything. I'm doing a decent project now though so I thought I'd finally share it.

    I'm building a L700 Cuore race car, using the normal 1.0L EJDE engine, a AMR500 Supercharger and a Speeduino ECU. I've got my hands on the Tuner Studio files for the MCM show car build, but am still having a lot of trouble getting it to run with the weird trigger wheel etc.

    I also have a 263rwkw Stagea, a turbo JB-JL Daihasu Move (but its broken ) and another Cuore for a daily driver. I also just a deposit on another car... I have a problem haha But I'm trying to sell the Stagea and the Move to make room.