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Hello from Fremont, California

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  • Hello from Fremont, California

    Hi friends, name is Grant. Live in Fremont ,California but I'm currently in college at Santa Cruz so not much money left to spare on fun mods or motor hobbies unfortunately but I love learning and discussing more about it.

    Recently however, I've come across a problem. See I drive a 2009 corolla xrs and the starter is broken and the shop says it needs replacement. However, unlike its 2005-2006 xrs predecessor, instead of a high compression 1.8L engine, they simply swapped the regular corolla engine out for a camry engine in an attempt to make it "faster" because the 2.4L Cam engine is used to pull a heavier load.

    Since I'm short on funds and my insurance isn't paying since they claim I have the wrong coverage, I want to fix this myself but because of the engine difference, I'm at a loss as to what starter to get and where is the best place to buy one. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks and nice to join you all here.

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    Well your in the us right bro? Its a factory swap right? Then its easy. Just go to autozone and search 2009 toyota camry 2.4 starter.


    ^ Above ^ Is an example I am not trying to tell you to buy this. But it is common sense as this is the only engine in a 4cyl that came in your car in the united states....

    I mean to me it is but maybe you didnt know all you have to do is go to the parts counter and tell them I need a starter for a 2009 toyota camry with the 2.4 DOHC ( You dont need to say DOHC because theres only one engine in the 4 cyl trim.)

    If you want to net shop Theres amazon theres parts theres Ebay... Dont buy used or rebuilt from ebay unless you know the supplier. I have had some bad purchases recently....
    BTW duralast sucks but the starter I am showing you is a lifetime warranty so its worth the 200$.

    BTW Welcome to MCM Forums from your support team!

    Also doing this will be cheaper than most deductables... ........ Also you need to look up the procedure and read it a few times before you start. google it probably been done on youtube.... Heck half of my lotus information is avaliable!!!
    Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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      ^Thanks so much. As you can tell I am new to it. I was thinking about just getting a camry starter but since I dont know much, paranoia and stuff makes me nervous so haha.


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        Youll be totally fine. If you get lucky and get an experienced parts person... Used to be parts girls when I was growing up... Then they can usually sort you better than anyone. But the computer is rarely inaccurate. Id sling parts if I had a cool million to drop on a warehouse and stock. LOL
        Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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          Update: Thanks so much for your help. I recently got the part and installed it and my car finally works again. Happy day. Btw the camry starter you sent me, the sites said it wouldnt fit so I got a starter the site recommended would fit. Also another Duralast starter with lifetime warranty so thank you so much! Its so great to hear the running engine after three months.


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            Hey Grant, you should check out the UCSC Auto Club, lots of good people there, they meet up every once in a while to do drives and are always more than willing to lend a helping hand.