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  • Hellooo.

    Little Introduction as im new to the forum.

    Ive been a follower of MCM for a long time now (cant remember when i started watching the vids tho,) Really loving their work, made me interested in DIYs too.

    Im From Sri Lanka (any sri lankans here ? )

    I have a Mazda Bongo van (I dont own it, It belongs to my Father but i drive it everywhere). Its a 2.0 Diesel . What yall think about it?

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    Hello from the MCM forum!

    Everyone loves a Bongo
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

    Project Diesel Tune:


    My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

    Martin's Kei to success



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      Welcome to the Forums!


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        hello i am from the caribbean and i am looking for a mazda sk82 bongo f8e engine with 3 speed transmission workshop manual. We dont have have this van domestically which makes this workshop manual very hard to obtain. i got two of these engines from our forign used parts dealers. i used one in my mazda b1600 with a gear box the other one is in my fathers 99 ford ranger with the transmission. these engines did not come with harness or ecus. used a g6 harness and ecu on mines but bought an ecu and tcu online for my fathers own and i also built an engine harness using refrence from mines. need a manual to wire the transmission. the vehicle has been down for 8 months trying to get the transmission working