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Long time fan, new to the forums.

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  • Long time fan, new to the forums.

    A little about me. I’m currently working on a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado but prior to that I had a 98 integra, 07 Scion tC, and currently still have a 11 Honda Accord. I modded and personalize all my vehicles and did most of the maintenance on them. So far on the truck I’ve gone from a v6 to a 5.3 v8. My hopes for this Truck is to get into auto cross.

    So after browsing around the internet for mods on my project truck. I wondered if there was an aftermarket keyless start system like on most newer cars. Where you can keep your key in your pocket at all time, pull or touch the inner door handle and unlock and open the doors. Then with the key still you pocket push to start the vehicle. I know that in one of the videos Marty installs a push to start button and shows you all the steps. I wondering if this has been done or if I could be done.

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    WElcome to the MCM forums!

    Proximity sensors have existed on cars for a long time, I've got one of the earliest types in my Peugeot someone had retrofitted in the 90's - which I've now cut out!

    So, what you're looking for is a Smartkey Kit for Car - this is a combination of keyless entry and keyless ignition. There's loads of kits available. They seem to be about $300

    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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