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That piano version of 2Sexy in Turbos & Temples 2 put me over the edge

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  • That piano version of 2Sexy in Turbos & Temples 2 put me over the edge

    I've only been a fan since around June 2018. If I'm not in the garage wrenching on my vehicles with MCM playing in the background, I'm out driving around or doing track days with Moog playing on the stereo. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. My favorite ride is my NB1 MX-5 that I use for spirited drives, track days, and autocross, but I also have a Toyota Pickup 4x4, a Toyota Camry that I use as a daily, a Yamaha R1 that I use for commuting, and a Mustang that I bought as a project car and am planning to modify for drifting. I finally got around to watching Turbos & Temples 2 and had a good laugh when I heard the piano version of 2Sexy. I'd love to hear a full lounge version of that song featuring Marty and Moog as a duet.

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    The piano version was very jazzy, i enjoyed it!

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    in a few posts time, you'll be able to start a thread in the Members Rides section for your stang if you want!
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