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Australian car enthusiast now living in Norway

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  • Australian car enthusiast now living in Norway


    Thought I would finally join the forums after being a huge MCM fan for years now.

    My name is Rudi and I have been a massive Japanese car fan since the late 90's when I first got my license.
    My first car was a Ford Laser.. yes the exact same as the TRD Laser

    Then after that I bought my second car another Laser but this one was the TX3 4WD Turbo version. Australians will know what these are. Basically the same as a Mazda Familia GTX.
    This car paved the path for my love of turbo cars, I loved driving this and cruising around the Sunshine Coast where I grew up. I lost my license multiple times in that car and I modified most things myself, even made my own front mount intercooler, all of which now that I look back was awful but I had fun doing it and learnt a lot!

    After that I owned many cars from a CA18DET S13 180SX a DC2 Integra and even a AE86 that I put a 20 valve in.

    But now I am the very proud owner of a R32 GTST Skyline in Australia and a Nissan Cefiro A31 here in Norway that is my pride and joy.
    Its actually the only one in Norway with plates and I have spent a small fortune on it. Basically was Auto RB25DE but now manual RB25DET NEO... and about a million other things.

    I moved to Norway a few years ago with my wife and have been heavily involved with the car scene, going to and working with the Gatebil festivals and making lots of new friends.
    Bit of a change from Australia but thankfully my love of cars and having a house with a garage has kept me sane during the long winters here!

    Look forward to hanging out here!

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    Ohhh Gatebil, something I will visit one day!

    Welcome to the forums
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

    Project Diesel Tune:


    My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

    Martin's Kei to success



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      should try and import a holden to norway lol


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        Originally posted by pandaman01 View Post
        should try and import a holden to norway lol
        You have no idea how popular that would be... Everyone here is always telling me how they love the "maloo" ute

        The big thing here now is barra engines, I get like 3 messages a week from people asking me how they can get one


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          Welcome to the forum!