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    Hi all - I'm a little confused as I'm sure I was registered on here before, but I think my account was nuked (hadn't logged in for a while). Just thought I'd drop another intro and say Hi!

    Based in the UK, have been watching MCM for ages and love everything they do. I daily a Focus ST170 which sees semi regular track time, has a few mods to make it a bit more fun, some other stuff I want to do to it.

    Cheers for looking - I'll be posting a thread in members rides shortly

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    Hey man

    don't be so confused, your account would be deleted if it was created between the end of 2013 and early 2017 as we had a massive forum data loss I've lost hundreds of posts and threads etc.

    However things are now backed up, and backed up even more than backed up. Marty is well on top of that now.

    ST170 is a great car, dead cheap to buy too! Please to start a thread, the more the merrier
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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      ST170 is that the era of the KA? the shape is vaguely familiar!


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        Originally posted by JimmiB View Post
        ST170 is that the era of the KA? the shape is vaguely familiar!
        Yeah the original shape, mines a 2004 . I've had a couple of Ka's as well!