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New Member from the pacific north west.

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  • New Member from the pacific north west.

    I live in the pacific northwest, and I am starting my on automotive related business (I say related because I don't know what exactly I want to do). I got into fixing cars a few years back when my 2001 Saab 9-5 tore its belt and the shop said it would be $100 to replace it ever since then I have done as much work my self to save money and gain the knowledge I need to further myself in the field. I defiantly want to learn more and what better place besides some expansive school then a whole community full of auto junkies and DIY enthusiasts. I just received my first project car from some family friends for free, I decide that I would be the one to do all the work on this project that includes paint, bodywork, engine repair, wiring, and maintenance. It is a 1983 Toyota pickup with a 22r motor and a 5speed manual tranny. It has 174k miles and has been sitting under a tree out in the sticks for the past 4 years. It is very rusty and beat up but with a little elbow grease it fired right up I call it the T-rex.

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    US citizen i assume? Lower it, oldschool 80's period Fat rims (should be 5 stud Ford pattern but check hub dia) Rat Rod perfect! Adaptor plate to small 2 barrel Holley (320cfm) jetted down, cheap extractors with side exit exhaust (if legal in your state)! But it's all up to you, just some ideas to throw around!