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  • New from United States

    Hello to all members of MCM forums I am Steve I'm from the USA cali I drive a 07 mitsubishi eclipse gs with a 4g69 always liked the might car mods show on YouTube I hope it keeps on going because this show is awsome also helps too with thoughts of what to do with cars!

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    Welcome Steve!

    Sounds like a pretty cool car you've got with lots of potential! Any pics? And do you have any specific mod plans...?


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      Well I got some rpw pistons and valves I had installed running on hackish tubes for N.A atm but I havent dyno ed it with a cold air intake 440cc subi blue injectors I have a STR turbo manifold I am waiting on some other parts but the downer is this car is the second car I have thats auto I have I have a evo x and ralliart turbo and a 92 eclipse gsx but I think it will still push boost I may get an external tranny cooler I'm not trying to push tremendous about of boost but I want it to be different in a 4g69 4th gen eclipse because it is an awsome car it does hold potential I'm very motivated for this car


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        Nice car Steve! Welcome to the forum