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    Hi guys and girls My name is Alex and I am here to hopefully get tech support and help with my projects.

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    My current project is a nissan nx-r coupe, sr20de, 5 speed manual. Am currently replacing engine with an sr20de out of an n15 sss pulsar.


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      I'm also looking for a bit of technical advise as I'm interested in buying a Mira that's currently for sale near me but it apparently has a fuel pressure issue when driving struggles to reach 20kmh. Was wondering if this is an easy fix or if it's not worth buying.


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        Any pictures of that nx-r? Love to see it.


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          It looks a bit sad atm but as I did say it's in the middle of an engine swap.


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            Oh and as I forgot to mention it I bought it sight unseen off the internet (gumtree) it wasn't running and had parts missing since then I've had it running but not for long. It ended up having a timing issue which damaged the engine which is why I'm replacing the whole engine. None the less I bought the car for $490. With a full aftermarket bodykit. I love the look of this little nugget and can hardly wait to have it on the road turning heads.