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Greetings from UK

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  • Greetings from UK

    Hi all, i've been a fan of MCM for about 5 years now. Currently own a 2015 Hyundai i10 (basic econobox) with no mods other than CarPlay compatible Pioneer h/u but in the past have had 4 minis (all modified and unreliable) and will eventually get another for weekend fun (Honda engine seems like a good idea) and for scaring bigger 'better' cars.
    I make music in the Jungle/DrumNBass genre mainly using Apple gear, am a cat wrangler/whisperer in my spare time and I once saw a pope using a portaloo
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    Welcome to the MCM forums

    Everyone loves unreliable and modified minis, I've been meaning to get myself one for a long time!
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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      thanks bud for the welcome as for minis - if they're well maintained and/or Honda swapped they're actually pretty reliable


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        I’ve has a few 1275’s and a 1340. Cracking little cars and never had much issues with mine apart from rust. Get the SU’s set up right and good to go


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          Gasolinescream wiring has always been my enemy on minis- it's likely if no-one had 'modded' the wiring they'd probably be reliable


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            Hello chap! Good to see you over on here


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              Dagowly thank you bud


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                Got any photos of your minis to have a look at?
                I myself was going to purchase a 77 leyland mini panelvan, however times changed and went with something to replace the daily as it was dying and ready to give up on me. I will still look back and wish I bought it instead haha


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                  Sadly I only have pictures of the last 1 i think (C plate Mayfair Auto) as digital cameras weren't so prevalent when i had the first 2 in early '00s (R plate Clubman 1100, H plate City) . My personal favourite was the A plate City w/ rollcage,10" revos,1275 metro engine) - having lost a few hard drives to Seagateitis all the pics i had of this are gone sadly.
                  I'd love a Mini van so I can see why you still think about it - I was offered a Wolseley Hornet for £400 in 2001 but my garage space already had a clubman in it so i didn't go for it which i'm kicking myself now