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Stay at home Dad needs Subaru FXT advice

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  • Stay at home Dad needs Subaru FXT advice

    Hello all

    I am a stay at home Father in Ontario Canada. I have been watching your videos for some time now that have helped me decide to get the car I wanted. As life sucks at times I was born with a defect in my blood floow to my right arm.. so driving manual is never an option for me. Automatic is my only choice.. SO that being said while I can still drive I would like to have a car I love and enjoy to drive. I really do not like new car and would prefer to get a used one and build it up a bit. so a 2004-2008 subaru Forester XT is my goal. My Family will be in this and not looking to make 400 hp.. just a little better then stock... but being on disability really limited my money... only thing I had to start this is my truck...tried selling it...wow are people cheap.. mechanicaly it is great...but it needed both rockers and rear pasanger side panel repaired.... quote was $3000 min for repairs... $1200 to pain it...$800 if i did primers and taping... i did not have it.. not even close... so i did it all my self... to be honest it looks better then when i bought it. The blue turd video helped as did the how to paint with rattle cans video... looks great now.fingers crossed it sells for a decent price.
    That being said when I do sell it the parts im looking at are Cobb stage one with cat back exaust and later impreza parts swap on suspention. I plan on doing all the mods myself. would you say this a good plan? if not what would be the way? really any advice would be awesome

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    I've no idea, but Welcome to the forums all the same!

    If those parts swap on, go for it and fit them I'd say
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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      Welcome to the forums!

      I agree, anything tried and the tested that bolts on are the way to go, at least to begin with! It’ll save you money in the long run not having to modify parts to fit, off the shelf kits also come with a warranty so if it doesn’t fit or work it’s not your “fault”.


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        Awesome and thanks


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          The sti turbo and inter cooler are nice little upgrades for the xt fozzy not over the top but noticeable