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Howdy from South Texas!

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  • Howdy from South Texas!

    Hello from where the tex meets the mex. Name's Eric. I have been watching as a fan since I can remember, somewhere around the mid 2000's around 2006 or so. The channel has always been one of my favorite car shows period youtube/tv/movies, it doesn't matter. The friendship and passion for cars has always been a bright spot for me and has never failed to make my day better. I myself am 31, and have always loved cars although seemed to never have enough money or time to do a full build of a car other than bolt ons. I had a dodge neon 04 from the age of 16 until it died a month ago from a flash flood. I just now finally purchased a new car a 2019 wrx and love it. Hopefully I will be able to make it into the daily driver turbo car of my dreams I have always been wanting with a few small mods. Anyway. I hope you guys and all of the mighty car mods crew continue to make beautiful car episodes and music. Cheers!
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    Hello and welcome, it was nice of you to join us. Feel free to relax and mingle with all of us lovely loons.


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      Whats Up Buddy! Stay safe down there in Texas! Im coming from Louisville, KY and I know the temps are crazy today, so stay hydrated and be sure to used your "Home Made Intercooler Sprayer" when necessary!


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        Thanks! It finally started to be in the 100's last week so now its try and find any tree possible weather. Which having a black interior car does not help the matter.


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          Whew!! Everyone wants that black leather until the sun bakes it to over 100 before you sit in it. Lol. That 120 in the shade is RIDICULOUS!! Stay safe and stay cool bro!


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            Holy moly ahaha welcome dude


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              Yup was mostly in the 100's all last week but ill take that all day over snow.