Hello.. well im a bloke form Estonia
I speak Cars Estonian and some English ( yes exactly in that order)
Wee bit about cars in my posession
Currently its 2x Audi 80 both of em are B4 and automatics and allso FWD 2l 85kw and a 1.9tdi (nice cars but for a lazy person)
Then i have A VW golf MK IV with allso a 1.9tdi (this time manual fwd again)
Cant forget the party van ofcourse witch is a 1997 VW transporter/multivan
Allso i have a audi a6 quattro 2005 3.0l diesel its a good car but oh boy it hates me
and my latest most emotional purchase is an audi 80/90 quattro its a manual but some fool put a 1.9td engine in it (soon it will be replaced with a 2.2l 5cyl engine)
And my offroad project is an old russian UAZ 3303 (that car needs some love from me this summer)

Well thats the cars i have but somethings about me
studied 3.5 years to become a car mechanic before that home garage
was in the estonian military and now back in the garage and drowning myself in cars again

i just toss few pics here aswell for you to see i dont have pics of all the cars but if u ask i can show you