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Hello everyone "head chopped" out there!

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  • Hello everyone "head chopped" out there!

    Yo all!

    Since I've been watching MCM for years now.... I came with a plan of buying the most boring car and while using it as a daily... slowly turn it into an MCM deserving piece of machinery ;].

    So I got myself a ... golf 1.4 16v 75 ps (i think it is like 55kw) so shiet, boring, slow and unsatisfying "racer"

    but at the same time - It turned out I bought myself a "pearl" - 3rd owner of a car - 1st in Poland, just 2 owners before me in Germany - documented mileage and all service (it was 189 000km) when i bought it. No mechanical issues - took care of it straight away as my project car - oil change, filters change, camshaft done, all pumps changed, plugs and filters. Basically I have done all preparations for my future mods.

    Why 1,4?

    Why not?

    Yeach I could have gone for a simple option of getting r32 or a GTI but...... no challenge there for me in my mind.... Twisted.....


    Well ...

    1st goal - for me MK4 golf has one of most beautifully booooooring looks - and that in my head makes it a future classic youngtimer - mark my words - in 10 years - if I am still breathing - I will be in possesion of best mk4 out there.

    2nd goal - keeping it - just making it as crisp and sharp and good looking, despite years passing by, as I can . Now my car is 20 YO. Looks clean and well.

    3rd goal - "Sleeping It" from the outside - while making it a properly tuned machine - always naturally aspirated - best to keep the same engine as it is a fking future long mileage hero with no doubt (compression checked 100% - no questions asked) - I wonder where it will lead me. Just don't wanna go shortcuts by tcharging it or doing mad things to that small engine. Mechanical tuning some remapping maybe someday and we will see what will occur.

    4th goal - smart tuning (look above) - 1,4 has such a low power it almost stops going against the wind - so I wonder... can I get it to pump out 100 PS with no turbo?

    but the most important thing is what lead me here and why I decided to share my mad twisted plans with You....

    Answer - MCM

    So here I am.

    FDeel free to say Hello after laughing Your asses out bout my future classic project lol (I laugh myself but the car is fking worth it and worth keeping it on the roads)



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    Get a 1.4 VVTi E11 Corolla hatchback (1700 Zl)
    Seats out of a AE111 BZR
    4AGE 20V blacktop engine
    No bigger than 16 inch alloys 4x100 with michelin piliotsports 4
    Upgraded brakes
    Coil overs
    AE111 clocks
    Build would be around 1200Zl
    Go all out Bore the engine, forged pistons and rods, upgrade the camshaft, add a turbo, upgrade the exhaust and bump it up to about 180-200 bhp.
    There is a run around that is a beast and will burn a 5 series off the road.