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make a ''Double twin" 4cyl engine

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  • make a ''Double twin" 4cyl engine

    I'm an old codger as you may surmise from my handle. My toy(apart from my 530excr Kato )is a 200sx that's mildly modified.
    What I'd really like to see is an inline 4 cylinder engine set up to run like a twin cylinder engine. ie fire no1 and 4 cylinder together then 180deg later fire 2 and 3 together (depending on cam arrangement). What I think will result is more torque out of an engine that is still able to rev. Most easily done to a single cam engine because you need to cut the camshaft in half on rotate it 180 degrees before welding it back together (or grinding a new cam would be easier to engineer). Engine balance may be an issue. And a modified ignition system, not hard.
    The sound it makes will be rather different too.

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    It would probably shake like crazy

    you could accomplish this with aftermarket ECUs. I don't think you will gain anything positive from this, just a different sound and shake


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      Ever heard the terms "screamer" and "big bang " as applied to moto gp bikes. Also there are a few late ish models of R1 Yamaha that sound different owing to the firing arrangement.
      If you have two engines of the same capacity a twin and a four cylinder both are "square" ie same bore and stroke ,the 4 will develop more torque and be better on a tight circuit where the 4 cylinder will perform better on fast circuits with a higher top speed. A "double twin engine may have improved torque from lower revs and still be able to rev out like a normal four cylinder.The crank throw arrangement will determine which cylinders fire in pairs for a double twin. Normal is 1 and 4 then 2 and 3.


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        That sounds awesome and shaky shaky