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Hello everybody!

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  • Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Mike, I'm 24 years old and from Austria. I've had an account on this forum for a few years now and wasn't really active but now I decided to change that.

    I'm currently driving a Golf MK7 but I plan to get something a bit more fun next year. Maybe an Audi S1 or an GT86.

    Also since Marty and Moog went to the W├Ârthersee for the GTI-Treffen I was wondering where the rest of the MCM from Austria are since I'm obviously not the only one in my country :-)

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    Welcome to the MCM forum, Mike!

    Yes that's good you are not the only one. You're definitely not the only one on the internet at least you're never far away from like-minded people.
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      For a sec there, I thought it was still Australia. Either way, WELCOME! Gotta love European performance.