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Me and my Micra

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  • Me and my Micra

    Hey guys im new to the forum but a long time subscriber of the channel nice to meet you all this is a little about me and my car

    since a early age i have had a love for all things car, ive had alot of projects in the past classic minis, a 1983 vw campervan and many more
    my current project is my 1999 nissan micra 1.3.

    i have always loved the styling of this under dog and thought they were a very fun car, at the time i first started watching mighty car mods marty had his blue one.

    so i thought what better next project than to build my dream micra. a micra may not be a car most think of when they say dream however its small size and strong engine to me seemed like a great base for a very fun little car.

    here it is the day she was purchased a standard 1.3 gx that has been shown no love in its life and been used daily .

    I set about stripping all of the interior out to save as much weight as possible and stripping down the old tired engine ready for its new life

    The engine seemed to of not seen very regular oil changes with large sludge build up and carbon deposits i sent the head away to be acid dipped and skimmed then to be ported and polished

    i also sent off for some rather nice 773 long duration high lift rally cams and had the cam cover powder coated while i was waiting for parts to return

    i filed back some of the powder coat on the lettering to allow the silver alloy to contrast the candy red powder coat

    with my fresh looking head back and brand new cams sitting pride of place under the cam cover i began to re assemble the engine


    i found a very rare jdm imported boot lid for sale as well as some jdm tail lights and jumped at the chance to buy them



    in her current state of build this is her spec list

    ported and polished head
    773 rally cams
    sr20 injectors
    modified fuel rail
    fuel pressure regulator
    sr20 throttle body modified to fit
    full silicone coolant hose kit
    thicker radiator and bigger fan
    garrett gt2860r turbo
    full custom 2.5inch exhaust system
    BC racing coilovers
    Full handling brace kit
    short shifter from a pulsar gtir made to fit
    Pulsar gtir front calipers
    rear disk conversion
    hydraulic handbrake

    and much much more yet to be fitted

    be sure to let me know what you think of my car it may not be to everybodys taste but at the end of the day thats what makes the car scene so great the variety of cars and styles across the world

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    This looks like a rather interesting project, look forward to reading more about it! Must admit I'm starting to quite like these oldish little cars for what they are, i.e. small and nippy little yokes that cheap to run and can be quite fun with the right mods. Yours though starts to sound like a real wolf in sheep clothing!


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      I had the chance to drive a cabriolet k11 recently, I was surprised it was so much fun. Since then I've been seriously considering getting a 1.3 k11 and maybe putting a 1.6 almera engine in it. I'm a fan of your car. Is it finished?