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Hi from West Coast Canada

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  • Hi from West Coast Canada

    Hi folks,
    I'm in on the west coast of Canada.
    I'm 50 this year, a long time car enthusiast, didn't mean to be, just didn't die.
    I really like right hand drive imports, a right hand drive in left hand world, a touch dyslexic which actually kind of helps with the RHD in a LHD country.
    I had a 1997 RHD Subaru WRX wagon for about 6 years, sold it because of fuel costs and no garage to fix it in (no garage, much rain
    That said I understand lots of folks are either on fire or flooding this year, I hope that improves for you.

    For those who don't know, in Canada we can import JDM or other market cars 15 years and older. Quebec has slightly different rules, generally requiring 25 years or older for import (but not for visiting).

    Currently driving a RHD 2003 Honda Mobilio Spike (L15A engine about the same as a Honda Fit).
    Yep, I'm driving the one you see in the 1st video that comes up when you search Honda Mobilio Spike (1st video when searched from North America anyway)

    The Mobilio needs better suspension and a turbo or supercharger, but kits have long since disappeared afaik. I have an enthusiasm for vehicles that have some utility. (had a RHD Subaru Domingo for a while, but it's 1200cc motor was just a little too small for the distances I like to cover).

    Mighty Car Mods videos are very amusing, hence why I'm joining forum.
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    Not sure what to post, so pictures it is.
    Dark pic from tonight of front, and since it's not going to be fast it might as well handle well, so I fitted the Tanabe UBH24 Sustec Under Brace for the early Honda Fit to the Spike - it fits perfectly on the 2003 Spike.


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      Hey how you doin


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        Doing alright, usual winter stuff, rain, mud, avoiding wolves.
        How about you?
        I have more pics to come - stuff like sound damping and insulation I'll leave out.
        I reckon probably not a lot of insulation going into cars in Aus.
        Next step is working on suspension more and finding some lightweight 15 inch wheels.