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Greetings from East Ryde

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  • Greetings from East Ryde

    Hi All,

    I'm a long time viewer first time poster. I've watched the guys youtube vids from the start. From the last year or so vids I can tell the boys workshop is literally down the road, im surprised I don't pass them more often when they are doing their test drives.

    I drive a MY08 WRX, had it from new, still running fine with 112,000kms on the clock, on the same clutch too . Everything is in stock form.

    Finally it is time to do some mods. I'm looking to upgrade the turbo to a VF52 from the MY09/10, dump pipe, process west intercooler, dump pipe. Need to find out if I can change the rear bumper for a My09 too so I can put in the dual twin tip mufflers. Would love to look at putting a 6speed and sti running gear for my hatch.

    Also looking to find out if I can change the tyres on from 205/50/R17 to 225/45/R17.

    I previously owned a MY97 that was made to look like an STI (bought like that) but I eventually replaced it with an 02sti shortblock, vf37 twin scroll, upgrade pump, but never did the injectors or ecu.

    Anyways... just wanted to say hi to everyone


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    Get that Turbskie hell yeah


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      Welcome to the forum


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        Welcome. enjoy