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Steve0 and my 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer CS

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  • Steve0 and my 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer CS

    Im new and thought i would share some photos of my Mitsubishi Lancer CS , even though there was a badge on the back that said ES when looking for parts and stuff even under the hood it says its a CS. Well as you can see ive neglected this car pretty hard . Its got paint chips on the front bird poop on the roof that's starting to rust and the power window on the RH rear door is always down so i chocked it up with a bit of wood in the door panel and finally the check engine light has been on for 6 months.

    Since watching MCM i now want to fix this bad boy up and have a fully sick JDM car. When i bought it , they said it came with a aftermarket spoiler and a 3 inch muffler. Last weekend I changed the oil filter and gave it a oil change for the first time in my life this weekend im going to attempt to sand back the rust on my roof and put primer on it and some cheap black paint to stop the rust until i can save for a good paint job.

    Other then the spoiler and muffler and a sony head unit its pretty much stock. I bought a Japanese Gearstick knob and some cool JDM decals. which will go on after a new paint job that i will attempt myself once i finish giving my car a service and fix the check engine light.

    I really want to remove the front panel where the licence plate is and sand it back but i have no idea on how to do it. I might just put it back on my tiny car ramps and see what i can undo and just hope i can put it back on lol.

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    Welcome mate

    good base for modding really, not sure about your front bumper. I'd just send it if it was me, nothing a bit of resin and filler can't fix.
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      Welcome haha I just remembered by this post that a couple of days ago I saw a Mitsubishi Lancer very much likely like yours, but that one was fully modified (on the cheap side I must say haha and it shows) to copy the 2 Fast 2 Furious Evo haha
      Was pretty cool to see that, all the effort and work. Only got this pic of it as it flew by (it didn't actually)


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        Nice , i just spent the weekend repainting my car for the first time ever. Its took alot of work, i got it back to bare metal and repainted the top half orange and the bottom half black. Its currently out front drying, i even made a make shift paint booth to paint it in and now its painted im going to take the sides down and use it as a car port. Once it finished drying and i remove the paper and tape i'll upload some pictures


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          Welcome to the forum


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            If you're starting to work on your own car, I'd say - first time you do any job, it will take longer than going to the garage and cost just as much. Stick at it. The time is learning time, and the cost is purchasing tools. Both are an investment you'll get back if you keep going.

            But your time is precious and when it's gone, it doesn't come back. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to make do, or to buy the proper tool. I don't agree with just buying every gadget imaginable, but a few things - an impact gun (basic electric plug-in one is fine), a good socket set to go with it, and an angle grinder - make a real difference.

            That said, having a paint job as one of your first mods is ambitious. If you're set on doing it, then I'd say get a compressor and a spray gun and get good with it before you get anywhere near your car. A bad DIY job can really mess up the looks of a car even if the rest of it is A1 quality.
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