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  • My introduction

    Hey everyone,
    I'm BIGBADBRAD and I'm currently living in Brisbane, I'm a Diesel Mechanic by trade but I'm currently out of action due to a recent knee surgery that has allowed me time to watch almost every episode of MCM
    My daily drive is an old reliable diesel Mitsubishi triton 2.8L that I've had almost 9 years with no major issues.
    My project car is an old Jaguar XJ6 with a 350 chev pushing it along that I've had for about 5 years. It's mod plated and registered but no longer in a road worthy condition. Once my leg gets better I hope to fix it up this year and do some mods to it
    hope everyone is doing well during these tough times.

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    Welcome mate

    Jags are brilliant, 350 is a real popular swap in the US, is it common in aus as well then?
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

    Project Diesel Tune:

    My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

    Martin's Kei to success


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      Hey mate,
      yeah jags are great....... to look at lol lots of electrical gremlins especially in mine. But I love it. And yeah the 350 is the easier conversion than a LS1 swap and is fairly common around Australia, but we have to pay a pretty penny for a 350 crate motor over here.
      I had a series 3 xj6 before this one with plans to do the conversion myself but found it was cheaper to buy this one already done.


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        Mod plates? I'm in the USA and have never heard of this what are those? also is the 350 Carburated or EFI?