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2005 Kia Rio Jb

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  • 2005 Kia Rio Jb

    Hey Gents,

    Just purchased a 2005 Kia Rio and looking at doing somethings to the audio so i've come to this place in hopes I can get some help.

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    I spent 3 years legally blind, and got REALLY into car audio tuning and installing because my ears still worked fine, and I could still see up to 1m away.

    Post a thread when you have an idea what you'd like (bright and sharp vs bassy vs balanced, etc), and a budget, and we'll hook in! Oh, also what TYPE of music genres you listen to most.

    Sad part, is that JBHIFI seem to have removed all car audio from their site So it looks like they're out of the game.
    Not that they had very much gear worth mentioning, but it was a good starting point.