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**New to the MCM scene**

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  • **New to the MCM scene**

    Whats up guys! 34 yearold car lover from the US (Rome, GA) I do auto collision repair for a living, do some custom work on the side at my personal shop. Ive done the V8 stuff sbc and LS mainly but it has ran its course so im on to newer greater things. Im currently doing an little Nissan hardbody build. My direction started with the 240sx intake swap but Ive decided to go carbed/turbo. 4 cylinders are new to me so ive done my fair share of web surfing and MCM has been a been a place ive revisited multiple times for great info so ive decided to join the crowd! Look forward to more great info and getting to know everyone!

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    Welcome to the forums.


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      Low boost turbos on carbs are great, since you get free evaporative cooling.
      No need for an intercooler at\below 8psi


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        Welcome mate good to have you here